Self Storage Units

Being a resident of Dubai, UAE you may face storage problems within your house, room, business. Maybe you are also looking for storage solutions for your extra vehicles in Garage, furniture and electrical Appliances due short available space. My Box Movers is always ready to help you because they have team of experts that can do any job of storage solution in Dubai.

With My Box Movers, you can be assured of getting matchless storage services in Dubai for all types of storage demands. It does not matter if you have commercial or residential tasks for us, because we store everything.

We Wrap and Tag Your Goods with Our Storage Services

Whether your belongings are residential or commercial, we provide storage services in Dubai for all your valuable belongings. Right from the options of long-term storage to overnight storage facility, we offer everything. You can sit free from stress knowing that your goods are with us. All your belongings are meticulously wrapped and tagged to ensure safety and protection.

Nominal-Cost Storage In Dubai

Make the most of free storage services in Dubai with us for thirty days, for long-distance moves and discounted storage facilities for storage of sixty days. We do not self-store and belongings are not accessible to the customers as we use licensed and reliable third-party facilities of storage. But, you can be well assured that the storage units are weather and rodent proof. You have to provide a notice prior to the removal of goods from the storage units and this is dependent on our availability at that given moment. Storage units may not be climate-controlled but are gated secure facilities with high-security video surveillance and locking systems.

Rates are discounted: a discount of up to fifty percent you can enjoy. After ninety days, we reserve rights for hiking the rates.

Household Storage Services

You can store your Household Storage goods by getting Household Storage Services in Dubai , for both short or long period in our warehouses. If you talk about other facilities, we can here and can integrate your electronic appliances storage into the rest of your move. This way you only have one point of contact for your move.

If you use our moving services then we can send the goods that you are not moving to our warehouse or drop them off at a landfill. We deliver stored goods as soon as you want and where you want them. All your goods will be stored in a secure warehouse. This air-conditioned warehouse is designed to protect against rot, fire, mold , moisture and insects.

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